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If life could just learn to start rotating around me and my schedule, I would be much more productive.  But nooo the outside world insists on sleep and business hours.


never forget that one of the first things sherlock told john was that sometimes he doesnt talk for days on end but he talks to john constantly even when john isnt there

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i bet at the bbc headquarters they have a flash drive inside a box inside a safe inside a bigger safe inside a big locked room with lasers and cameras all guarded by seven armed guardsmen and a trained police dog and on that flash drive is the gay bar scene

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Just an addict, in need of a fix.

Okay so next week is the tie in episode for Supernatural: Bloodlines.  The spinoff which is described as “Various mafia style monster families that, unknown to humans, run the underbelly of Chicago. The families are being tracked by a newly minted Hunter who’s trying to rid Chicago of anything or anyone supernatural.” [x]

Cast seems.. okay.  I know a few of them from shows like PLL or VD, but no one jumping out at me.

There are 9.20 images and more info at dreadcentral.

Sounds interesting but a bit too much like other shows already on TV.  Here’s hoping it’s just not as bad as Angel.  <3

Going to be writing most of today.

Streaming Fargo E2 and Supernatural 9.19 in a minute to add them to the livestream library.  Maybe some Ben C after. <3  Parade’s End anyone?


Oh wow. Hello, gorgeous.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Movie/TV masterpost



Starter for 10

Amazing Grace



Stuart: A Life Backwards

Van Gogh: Painted with words

Third Star

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

War Horse


Star Trek: Into Darkness

The Fifth Estate

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug (idk about quality tho)

12 Years a Slave

August: Osage County



To The Ends of the Earth

The Last Enemy

Small Island

Marple: Murder is Easy

The Turning Point


Parade’s End (ep1ep2ep3ep4ep5)

Enjoy! xx

For eiael-thinks <3 Hope that helps.

Time for sleep!

It’s the Great Pumpkin Coat Lester Nygaard

Anonymous asked: Lester caps needs more puffy pumpkin coat

hahah ask and ye shall receive nonny <3

So let me get this straight: 

Metatron illegally pirated movies and books into Cas’ brain and took away all his cute awkwardness.  Steve has been on some netflix spree since Loki attacked NY and now understands modern references.  I swear to chuck if S4 Sherlock is sitting around in jammies watching Doctor Who and James Bond I will cry.

#honestly me if I were a criminal mastermind #give me things or bad things #i don’t need a lot #just gotta pay off these student loans #xoxo the villain

Lester Nygaard in The Rooster Prince

Healing Through The Heartache from scashworthy on 8tracks Radio.

Healing Through The Heartache