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No new posts for a couple days unless Tumblr’s siren call finds me on my phone at odd hours.  I am sick and need some time to rest and recover.  


Made for each other.



in other news, there are people out there who think i have minions


ah yes, my legacy is complete. 


I started drawing the top one and then i realized the second one was absolutely necessary 

haven’t drawn any sherlock in forever 

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Hand HAND …oh please 



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Watching your OTP communicate through eyebrows, shrugs and scowls is the best thing.



that night


If I’m not supposed to subconsciously ship these two idiots, the BBC really needs to reconsider






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Anonymous asked: I am a big fan of fargo but when I went to check the tags today it was all Martn Freeman including your gross pictures of his neck. What the hell is wrong with you sherlocks?

Oh for fuck’s sake.

1. Martin Freeman is one of the main characters of the show.  You should get used to seeing his face in the Fargo tag.

2. Martin has his own fanbase, OUTSIDE OF Sherlock.  He is a fantastic actor and an attractive man, none of this should surprise you.

3. My Fargo/Little Favour crossover post had 0 to do with Sherlock. ZERO. In fact I was simply imagining a bloodied, tough as nails Benedict playing Lorne Malvo.  So yeah, no Sherlock.  But even if it did inspire some bloodkink johnlock fic, there’s actually nothing wrong with that.  It’s fanfiction.  You don’t have to read it if you don’t like it.  (though I would totally read it.)

4. I did not write nor direct FX’s Fargo.  So don’t blame me for the gratuitous neck porn they put on TV. But try to understand that the last time we saw Martin shirtless he wasn’t as cut.  OF COURSE we want to marvel in it.  It’s kinda what fans do.


Mark Gatiss: “Tom Hiddleston would be wonderful in Sherlock”

Could the British actor be in line to play a third Holmes brother when the series returns?

Ever since Mycroft Holmes made reference to “the other one” in the Sherlock series three finale, Tom Hiddleston has been top of many fans’s lists to play the previously unknown third Holmes brother should he ever appear in the series.

The Thor star has just the right blend of eccentric Britishness, quirky good looks and on-screen intensity to convince as Benedict Cumberbatch’s second sibling.

And it seems Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss – who also happens to play Mycroft in the BBCdetective drama – agrees, admitting “Tom would be wonderful in Sherlock”, but adding “I’m sure but he only does movies now. What can I say?”

“I’ll ask him if you like,” Gatiss told an audience at a recent Q&A in Brazil, continuing (with tongue firmly in cheek), “Well it’s an internet rumour so it must be true. We might as well just wait and see what happens.”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes stories make no reference to a third Holmes brother but Gatiss’s character told Sherlock at the end of final the episode His Last Vow “I’m not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion. You know what happened to the other one.”


God, yes please!

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metatron’s opening is gorgeous he doesn’t deserve it

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"How are you, Dean?"

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